"I looked up my family tree and found 3 dogs using it".                   Rodney Dangerfield

The love of an animal be it a dog, a cat, a horse or anything else that we choose is what separates us from wild animals.  In our pets we find comfort, companionship, trust, happiness, and more importantly a soul.  When I look into the eyes of an animal I see within them and this allows me to paint for you something unique to just your pet. You will see your pet in this painting, you will feel them through the paintings.  

I have been painting for many many years, but not until recently have I found cause for my creations.  After losing one of my beloved pets (pictured here) something in me told me to start to paint again.  Since then I have been painting as often as I can.  

I love to create the paintings with the colors that the owners love and the colors that I see when I look at the faces.  Seeing these pictures from all of you gives me inspiration, each one is unique and one of a kind.  The pictures talk to me and from these photos I decide what colors, properly placed will give off the emotion from the photo.  All of the photos can be done in multicolor or the "true" colors of the actual dog.  As you can see I have a deep love for Bernese Mountain Dogs, but I can paint any breed, any cat, any horse, anything, the sky is the limit and it is your choice. 

I will work with you on what you want so please don't hesitate to ask.  

Send me your favorite photos and let me turn them into something special.



MY Muze-aRT Pet Portraits